Six Questions With Alida of “The Frenemy” And Second Twenties Unscripted Giveaway!

alidaI started reading Alida Nugent’s blog “The Frenemy” during college when a friend sent me her post, “Dating In Your Twenties.” I laughed and I also cried when I read the post, which is either a testament to PMS or Alida’s uncanny writing ability. I venture to guess both.

 Today, Alida’s book debuts. A month ago during a 12am shower, I came up with the idea to reach out and interview her about the book. Lucky me, she responded to the email. Also, lucky for me, my friend Lindsay helped me conjure up some amazing questions to ask.

Here are Alida’s thoughts on twentyhood, writing a book, and drinking on a budget (among other things.) After the interview, read the run rules to enter the second Twenties Unscripted giveaway for a chance to win a copy of Alida’s masterpiece.

What’s one quintessential “Frenemy” coming-of-age moment you’ve had, either from the book or the blog?
I’ve had a lot of coming-of-age moments since the start of the blog and the creation of the book, but I think the most important one is when I started REALLY becoming and believing the things The Frenemy is. When I started the blog, I was a 21-year-old with little direction, a self-deprecating hatred of my body, a penchant to drink until I started sobbing to Band of Horses, a forever-single-because-I’m-not-good-enough shell of a good cry sesh. I wrote confidently, sure, but all of a sudden I turned 24 and I started BEING the Frenemy. I gained weight and I didn’t give a fuck because I stopped starving myself and started enjoying food. I stopped talking shit about people I was jealous of and became a true ally to females and female friends. I realized nobody wanted to date somebody who moped about how much they sucked all the time. I became confident. I order the burger with guacamole. I still, however, watch The Real Housewives. You can still learn a lot from The Real Housewives. Like lots of people get divorced but keep the prescription meds to a minimum.
What’s one thing you did right and one thing you did wrong, that other aspiring authors can get advice from?
The thing I did right AND wrong was my last edit. I procrastinated the hell out of everything, which isn’t recommended. I had like, three days to finish the thing. I ended up focusing more on youtube videos than anything else. This was wrong. What was right was this: me, locking myself in my room wearing only a t-shirt and a rabid sense of panic. I bought ice cream, ginger ale, two beers, a couple of gallons of coffee, and snacky chips. I did not leave the house for three days. I blasted Rihanna. I screamed out the window. And I poured my entire, crazy little heart out. Writing from a place that is true to yourself? Priceless. Not so priceless? Waiting till the last minute to do it. Pace yourself and actually keep your deadlines.
Finish the sentence: This book is for people who:
 Like to laugh, like women, like their alcohol with a slap to the face, put on their pajamas the second they get home, feel like they want to grow up but can’t find out exactly what that means.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you read these words?
Frenemy: Silly name that really stuck.
Twenties: Every day you get a little worse at staying up late and a little better at breaking plans
NYC: The city that doesn’t acknowledge you, but damn, you can find a good sandwich and a good whiskey drink at any subway stop you get off of. 
Men: Smell good. Don’t text them past 2am. Some of them need to learn their manners. I like any one of them that refers to themselves as a feminist.  
Love:  I’m very much in it right now. It’s like the first glass of red wine after a very long day, a blanket that covers your feet, a thing you shouldn’t post on Facebook too much about.
What’s your favorite budget meal? Budget activity? Budget boozey beverage?
 Meal: Easy Mac with hot sauce and an extra slice of American Cheese. Served drunk. Chicken broth with spinach, egg whites, and tortellini. Served sober. Finely chopped up spinach, parsley, scallions, onion and eggplant sautéed in olive oil. Add chickpeas and nutmeg and lemon juice. Serve over brown rice and topped with a fried egg. Served responsibly and for under  ten dollars and all week for lunch. Budget beverage: My brother and I love drinking Svedka with diet Sierra Mist. We watch shitty television until 3am at my parent’s house and eat string cheese. Better than any bar in the whole world.

What’s next for you?
Book release, baby! Can’t wait to see where this thing takes me..hopefully another book, I’d say. I’m also trying to release another blog. This one about food. It would have content by people other than me. And of course, more Frenemy posts.

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4 thoughts on “Six Questions With Alida of “The Frenemy” And Second Twenties Unscripted Giveaway!

  1. Being a twentysomething is not understanding what “business casual” means and pretending to understand “corporate jargon” long enough so that you don’t get fired. Also, beer, four square, and breaking at least one bone.

  2. “Being a twentysomething is an amazing ball of wonder confusion and cheap wine .”

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  4. Being a twentysomething is giving things and people whole books, chapters, complete with bookmark, when they’re meant to be penciled in, on a sticky note, in your “planner”, that you hardly look at.


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