my not reassured facePeople like lists more than paragraphs. I know. Bitches don’t read these days. So, here’s the story of Twenties Unscripted in a list form.

Name: Tyece

Age: Too young to rent a car without an additional fee for another two years.

Year Started Twenties Unscripted: 2012 (also the year I bought an apple cutter)

Why I Started Twenties Unscripted: I got tired of reading lists of “Top 10 Things To Do In Your Twenties.” So, I decided to document my journey through the thorny world of twenty-hood, confident in my complete ignorance and irreverence–the ingredients for successful writing, no? I figured out how to pull all of my writing from other platforms together, discovered how to host a website, and hired a kickass graphic designer ) to beautify this blog. Without this blog, I’d just be a ball of feelings. Now, I’m a ball of feelings who writes approximately four days a week.

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  1. As always, enjoyed reading your stuff a bit. You have grown so much as a writer! CongrATS!!


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