Confessions of a Cool Kid: Lindsay Simone

Bloggers unite.

So, I’ve never actually met Lindsay which probably makes me a creeper and, well, that’s OK. I think one day her name popped up on my LinkedIn as one of those people I may know which then led me to scope out her blog, The Life Muse.  And, then, after some hey-I’m-a-blogger-and-you’re-a-blogger-and-we-should-chat moments, I figured it was time to show her some Twenties Unscripted love.

So, here’s Lindsay.

Name: Lindsay Simone

Age: 23

Current location: Our Nation’s Capital

Tell us about your blogging history. How did you get started and what led you to begin The Life Muse?

Five or six years ago, I started a verrrrry small blog entitled “Calendar Eats” that basically documented what I consumed on a daily basis. At the time I was really into Calendar Eats, but then my Freshman year of college happened and life as a collegiate took over. A year or so later, during my sophomore year at NYU, I began a new healthy living blog and this time around, called it “Position: Transition.” Again, this blog outlined my daily eats but rather than for fun, I started this second blog out of my need to create some sort of accountability as, at the time, I was living alone and battling bulimia. Not a great combination. A few months after I started Position: Transition, a good friend tried to commit suicide, I relapsed on my bulimia treatment, and I found out my pseudo boyfriend was cheating on me via a drunk butt dial on New Year’s Eve. It’s no wonder that, at the time, I felt the need to want to live closer to home, eventually deciding to transfer from New York University to the University of Maryland. With so much going on, Position: Transition came to a screeching halt. At the time, I thought my days as a blogger were over, but earlier this year, I heard the blogosphere call my name once more. So come March 2012, I began to blog once again.

“The Quote I Wrote” was a great jumping point for me. It gave me the confidence as a blogger to “be real” all the while allowing for my “special” humor to shine through. TQIW had a small-ish but nice following. I received emails from girls that I knew, and from those that I had never met, both of whom expressed their feelings of gratitude for my quotespiration. Nonetheless, TQIW was an emotional place; a place that winded me on a daily basis, and one that made me feel sad. I know TQIW was supposed to be about lifting people’s spirits up, but all of that personal talk really weighed me down. So, with the support of my then boyfriend (now fiancé), I decided to start a new blog that would be a place for fun, funny, and pure blogging joy. And, seeing how the then BF always told me I was his “life muse” since I always knew how to do everything a certain way (then again, he’s a guy and therefore knows how to do nothing), I decided to make this new blog, “The Life Muse,” about providing readers life tidbits one day, one topic, and one bad joke at a time!

 What’s your blogging philosophy? Find a niche that’s unique to you and run with it. Also, follow your gut. You know yourself best.

Finish this sentence: In ten years, I will be… Assuming I just got engaged, I’m thinking I will be married. With Children. And a dog. CEO of my own company. Author. Life Muse extraordinaire.

Three things you never leave home without:

1.)    A notebook and pen—you never know when a good idea is going to come to you.

2.)    My health insurance card. I know this one sounds a little crazy, but I just have this fear that god forbid the one day/time I would leave my apartment sans card that I’d get into some horrible accident and then be rushed to the hospital and essentially have to go through a bazillion hoops since I DIDN’T HAVE MY INSURANCE CARD ON ME. And yes, this does include everything from midnight CVS runs to a night out at a bar. Safety first!

3.)    Bobby pins are a must seeing how they’re so multi-functional, way beyond the realm of hair (think: make-shift paper clip, lock pick, bookmark, impromptu screwdriver, etc). There are literally twenty something bobby pins floating around in the bottom of my purse as we speak.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Man Repeller. I Spy DIY. Eat the Damn Cake.

What are you currently reading? Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass. I was a sociology major in college so this kind of stuff is beyond interesting to me.

Open Mic—anything else you want us to know? Ummmm, (cue shameless self promotion) read my posts on The Huffington Post: Becoming Fearless page?!

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