The girl behind the words

Tyece Wilkins is the brain and blogger behind Twenties Unscripted. Catapulted in to the world of adulthood in May 2011, armed only with a 1996 Corolla and a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Maryland, she found that most of the advice she received for twenty-somethings was patronizing and not applicable to her life. She wanted a place where women in their twenties felt less like they were getting a pat on the head and more like they were getting a shoulder to cry on and, when necessary, a reality slap in the face. So, she blogged on different platforms here and there until July 2012 when she dumped all of those thoughts in to one space, commited to the exorbitant fee of hosting a website, and founded Twenties Unscripted.

In addition to being a blogger, Tyece is a magazine junkie, advocate of long phone conversations with her friends and sisters, and mother to a crazed two-year old feline.

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